Connecting to servers & fetching profile problem

Bleh, after the latest update I've been having a weird problem with the multiplayer. It takes ages to connect to server and then ages again to fetch the online profile. I don't have any other connection issues (NAT open, still at 3 bars 99% of the time, ping tests remain the same...). What's going on? Anyone else have this issue? It's quite annoying having to wait for minutes to do such a simple task. Sometimes it just goes nowhere and I even need to restart the whole game.


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Happens to me, too. Sometimes "connecting to Xbox Live" takes forever. I don't re-start the game, though. I just push the "B" button, wait a few seconds, then it will go through the whole procedure, "connecting to Xbox Live" and "fetching profile", but it eventually gets there.

connecting to xbox live.....2seconds  fetching online profile.....about 8-10seconds  always has been that way since day one for me

Yeah, I've been having issues with this since yesterday. Checked the website and they don't report any issues. Figures. Also just about every game has been laggy without the bad connections. Tons of what the moments.