Confused on the timeline and character ages!

Hey all! Been on my mind for a while now, and I tried to make sense of relating some characters' age with the timeline. Only ones I truly understand are Jago and Orchid's new given ages. Referencing from KI1, 9 years have passed and Jago and Orchid are now 30 and 32 respectively. Now to the thing that brought up this question, why are Thunder and Sabrewulf only 5 years older when referencing from the KI1 timeline? All characters (excluding Spinal) aged 1 year after events of KI1. I'm not sure if DH & M just slapped down attributes and ages, or there's an explanation for a everything in the future. Only currently playable vet character that canonically didn't time travel (KI2) is Thunder. I know about the 2-millennial time travel taking place in KI2, so that does it easily for Spinal.

KI 1-3 ages:

Jago = 21, 22, and 30 respectively

Orchid = 23, 24, and 32 respectively

Thunder = 42 and 47 (KI1 and 3 respectively)

Sabrewulf = 45, 46, and 50 respectively

Spinal = 2,650, 651, and 660 respectively

Sadira = Unknown

*Disregarding Glacius and Fulgore for obvious reasons.

Only prediction I have (which may make little sense) is that Jago and Orchid were somehow stuck back in time for eight more years, and finally came back in KI3's present with their current selves. Either that, or they were changed to be initially 25 and 27 respectively by the devs.

You people ever pointed this out too? What am I missing?! xD


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