confused and fustrated...

I have Red Dead Redemption Since release.. I downloaded All DLC's including Undead Nightmare. I've played everything to the credits, and multiplayer. And I put it away. months later I'm playing single campaign  again with no problem, till I get to Undead Nightmare I play for a few, then it Kicks me back to xbox dashboard. There are 3 xboxes  at my house,My wife's,daughter's, and mine. I cleared my cache, still get kicked. i tried in every xbox in the house, same thing. I installed into my xbox, same thing. and this is with single player, not multy,which I know can be a number of problems in itself...   any body have the same problem, or has solved this? thnks in advance..


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do you log in on each of the xboxes? and did you download the DLC on a different one? ... check your content licences

Hi, when I tried on the other boxes, I just took my Hdd ,put it in the other boxes,and signed in as Myself (yeabunna) ,as I didnt want to buy another dlc for different box. The content licenses situation never crossed my mind...Since the trouble started with my original profile, do you think that would  help or hinder? Also, I failed to mention that I have the dlc on my hdd, and not the stand-alone, if that helps..

I downloaded the Undead collection last night, first time playing undead horde I also got kicked back to the dashboard. Hope this isn't a common problem?

You might try recovering your gamertag to your wife or daughter's HDD by going to Switch Profile, Recover Gamertag. You won't have to buy any content again, you just go to Manage Account, Download History and everything you've ever bought is there to be downloaded again to the HDD your GT has been transferred to.