Confound Gaming Recruting MATURE PLAYERS ONLY!!!

Confound Gaming found by nom nom yum yum from location (classified) age 20 was tired of clans he was joining being clans that were being hypocritical and
favorable towards other players and not true to their honor code(s). Nom nom yum yum started this clan for mature and respectful friends and players to
experience a true clan with a strict honor code and many mind blowing events within CG (Confound Gaming) to have the most fun
you possibly can with friends all around the nation, possibly the globe. We CG have mandatory meetings twice a week on Tuesdays
Saturdays 10pm eastern, 9pm central, 7pm western times. During these meetings we will cover the community, open business, forums
and run many strategies to be a highly recognized clan. Your effort and compliance with CG honor code and meetings will help build a
extremely large community and will also help you receive promotions quicker and more efficient than the ones that do not. We also will
be doing clan ops for elite in many different game modes. Many awesome things can and will happen throughout CG, we can not ruin
the surprises because it is something to keep everyone waiting to see what we pull out of our hats next. We can just promise to the
saying, it will get your rocks off.

If you want to be a part of this clan then all rules are to be followed as by the founder (nom nom yum yum).
If not you are kicked completely from Confound Gaming and black listed to allied clans. Everyone's opinion in members being kicked is
important to us. Depending on certain circumstances and the degree of the offense. Thank you for being patient and wanting to know
about Confound Gaming, we hope to play with everyone that visits. We are looking for loyal members that will stay with us and fight.
If not then please save our time for other XBOX LIVE members that do.

Ages 17+ ONLY!

Confound Gaming is for mature gamers only with casual and formal respect to other clans. We are not saying that you can not defend
yourself. We are saying that you may defend yourself or other members within our clan however, DO NOT be
provokotive towards any members of XBOX LIVE. It is labeled as cyber bullying which is illegal and also helps people
take their own lives for being picked on. If someone is doing this, then please mute and simply move on. Any player(s)
caught breaking these rules within the honor code and listed below will be bound for immidiate removal of CG.





ATTEND 1 of 2 MEETINGS- Mandatory



If you are interested in joining message "Nom Nom Yum Yum" for more information and details on how to join.


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