Confirmed Season 2 details

Iron Galaxy has confirmed in the last stream that season 2 will add 8 more characters and no mercy. We know Aria will fill 1 of those slots and maybe Shadow Jago will be another with his new move set will fill another with 6 remaining KI characters to fill the slots.


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I dont think Shadow Jago since he is already in the game.

Cinder, TJ Combo, Riptor, Maya, Kim Wu, Tusk, and two new characters probably.  

@Greenhawk84: Agreed. I seriously doubt Shadow Jago will be considered as one of season 2's 8 characters, seeing as he's already in the game. They only need to make him playable for all players now. Aria might not be one of the 8 either, as that might be a non-playable boss character.

I also think that most likely it's going to be Cinder, Combo, Riptor, Kim Wu, Tusk, Maya, and 2 new characters. And I certainly hope it is, as that's exactly what I wanted from season 2 character-wise. I'm also pleased that no mercies will be making a return, but I think that was a given anyways. lol

I say cinder, t.j combo, Kim wu, Maya , tusk, aria the boss, new character. If there is a price tag for season 2 another 40 bucks the way they had season 1 I am honestly not paying. $80 for a fighting game no. If anything season one should have been free. With however many seasons there are to be overall price tag should be no more than $60. It's a fighting game.

2 new characters may be right though because in KI you never could pick the boss.

yo that is a sick looking cinder. Hope this pic is legit!!!!!

They've said that Aria is playable so he fills one of the spots

Stizz... what are you talking about with 40 and 80 dollars? That's the "collectors edition"... even with 2nd season the game as it would be in a normal "retail version" would still be 40 bucks... and if and when we hit season 3 it would be at 60 dollars for 24 characters which is completely average fighting game price...

Quit complaining without reason

And to everyone else, I'm happy to hear a confirmation on 2nd season, although we didn't really need one :-)

And they already said ARIA is gonna be a playable boss character. And I'm not sure we'll get the rest of the classic characters this season, and can't really figure out if I want them to do so anyway... could really love having them all back, but I'm also interested in seeing what else they have to offer

The streams did hint at Cinder, Riptor, Combo, Tusk.

hopefully we will see Maya and Kim Wu to.