Confirm Kills = the death of MW3?

OK..watchin' some preview vids for MW3 and altho most of it looked pretty cool (yet nothing really new)..I was stunned when they said a new feature would be "confirming kills" 


basically after you make a kill you have to walk up to the body where there will now be a set of dogtags floating over the corpse..if you can grab them then you get the kill..and it counts toward killstreaks..if not..then you don't get the kill basically snipers are eliminated from the game..and it only caters to the Rambo run and tactical play seems to be thrown out the window smart is it to run up to the body that you just killed..when everyone else knows that's where you HAVE TO GO to "get paid"..and can now lie in wait

..maybe I missed something..but IF this is the way it plays

..I think I'll save my money and wait for BF3


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You do realise this is a game mode....and not in every game mode....go back and watch the vids again

yeah think its just a game mode but in any case..the killstreks in certain packages etc has killed this much for balance and keeping it simple..byebye iw

BF3 comes out before MW3 so you don't have to wait and stuff.

hmm..well bad..altho why would they showcase such a trivial option?

..still it really doesn't look much difff than MW2.1'l shinier..kinda like a 2011 Ford Mustang vs a 2009 Ford Mustang

..few tweaks here and there..maybe a coupla diff paint schemes/interior options

..but basically still just the same gen Ford Mustang..that's been out for a few years

..BTW kudos to BF3 for trumping MW3 by a coupla weeks

..maybe..just maybe they might even manage to swip a few sales from them

I was curious as to how you were going to justify an entire game being ruined based on a game mode, I guess I see now...

Could be interesting ...........

People are to lazy to finish off second chancers  ..... I dont see a lot of people going to the trouble.

The Specialist Package allows you to get EVERY perk in one life. Is anyone else besides me seeing a problem with that?


This stuff looks good on paper, but I guarantee it's gonna be a complete disaster...Battlefield 3 on October 25th guys, that game is gonna take MW3 behind the shed for an @@@ whooping of unimaginable proportions.

As long as it doesn't dispense them all for a killstreak of three then I see no problem.

Information on strike packages and other things can be found here

Have you're team mates pick up the dog tags you're sniper kills dropped? Or quick scope?

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