Cone of Flame card "bugged"?

This card is from Chandra Nalaar's deck (Born of Flame). Its a sorcery card.


"Cone of Flame deals 1 damage to target creature or player, 2 damage to another target creature or player, and 3 damage to a third target creature or player"


Every time I use this card and for some reason, this spell would damage my opponent of my choice,(I selected 1 damage to opponent's life total, 2 damage to target opponent's creature, and 3 damage to the same opponent's life total), but the 3 damage effect is always targeting my life total regardless.

Has anyone experienced this?


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It's not bugged. The wording states 3 damage to a third target creature or player. Because you have already hit your opponent with 1 damage, when you select player for the 3 damage it automatically gets assigned to any remaining players, i.e. yourself.

In other words you cannot target the same creature or player twice.

Well thanks, that helps a lot.... I just wonder why the game lets me target the same object twice when the game could just unhighlight the option after I assign one part of the damage. I do play with simplified targeting disabled (if it matters), but I'd never expect it to happen like that....

Yeah that card's a piece of crap lol

I have won games with that card and is extremely helpful against creature multiplier decks suck as talrand's and celestial light