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First you should know I am not very good at COD MW3 but I love playing anyway, I keep the sound down on my headset so I can't hear people trashing my race, creed, looks or sexual orientation (when I do listen I am always amazed and baffled at how much they seem know about me). A few weeks back I am playing KC in Overwatch and finished 22-10, which for me is beyond good. I am feeling pretty proud of myself as the next game starts when I see I have been sent a message. I am filled with a momentary adrenaline surge as I wonder if I have pissed someone off or I am being group e-mailed to join some DBs super sweet game (but I am not really invited because he is only looking for prestige level 8 players and above...and he is 12 and clearly suffering from some voice issues) - has anyone ever joined these games? Sorry back to the turns out this time I have pissed someone off - for as it turns out my friends...I am a camper :( Anyway, this guy tells me I should stop camping and play the game the way it was meant to be played because essentially I am not only ruining his experience but everyone elses' as well, he also used the '"f" word and called me some filthly names which was okay I guess. My response to him was that maybe he should play better next time, he said he did play better because he didn't camp and that pretty much ended the discussion but it got me thinking.... First - is there some manual written that dictates some type of gentlemanly conduct one should follow while playing COD MW3 - like the rules of golf with honors and so on? If so where do I get one because it didn't come with the game. I figure there must be one because so many players are very angry camping. Second - why is moving around to shoot someone different than standing still and letting them come to me? I just don't see the difference. I have tried both and just like camping better - I don't think it gives me any type pf strategic advantage because I can't look in all directions at once and Lord knows I have had the ultra embarrassing knife thrown into my back enough times (only slightly less embarrassing than being beaten to death from behind with a riot shield while camping). Don't get me wrong I don't always camp because there are times when moving around is the only option...I just prefer it and I am not going to lie and say I only do it while guarding a flag or something. Finally and completed unrelated, a few weeks back they change the Elite menu option so if you want to play the new maps you could get KC, TDM or Domination - I hate this and want the old way back so I can play the game I like best - KC. Does anyone know if this will ever change back? If you read this far you are a champion, Larry.

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I had four short and pleasing paragraphs but the forum tool mashed it together when I posted, my apologies for creating a scenario which caused you to read...longer than you intended.

Are you using your phone or a pda? it tends to do that when you have to use the html tab.


That will be it then.My phone does the same when I start a thread or use rich formatting.


In answer to your post.You pay for your game,you pay for your live,your bought your console and tv.The only rules you need to follow are the CoC..Anyone else can jog on.

Anyway, did you the very last part? I was hoping someone knew the answer to the elite game options question.

I should have made that a sperate post I guess

Don't know,I don't have £lite.If you want the answer I would start a new post if I were you.Not many people will read a block of text like that.

Welcome to Xbox Live!   I've been here for 9.5 years and thats normal behavior..

.. as for Campers and Kill Confirm.. you are hurting your team camping in one spot all the time... thats a run and gun gametype... People that camp all the time in that gametype usually lose the game..

If you want to camp alot you should try CTF and guard your flag or base area...

    Yes .. there is a code of behavior. But you cant have a copy .. its made up depending on the situation.

   It basically goes like this though ....

   Dont use"xxxx" tactic, "xxxxx" weapon, "xxxxx" perk. Its noobishe, dbish, not the way it was meant to be played, op or add whatever term you like. Fill in the blank with whatever you just did to this person.

   Generally, the term camper fits all situations .... you just happened to be doing it at the time, but you'd have been called that no matter what.

  Paragraphs .............  I've gotten in the habit of typing . hit post, hit edit, add my paragraphs again and post again.

   I'll pass on that in cases like this where I didnt really go on a long rant.

There is a code, in a way... you obviously don't be a *** randomly... you don't teabag in some circumstances... you don't use ****, cheap tactics or the overpowered weapon of any given game...


There are many things people look down on others for in any given game. Don't worry about it, since there are no rules for it, but you might pick up on what people do and don't respect in any given game eventually.

You play the way you enjoy playing.u paid for the xbox360-xbox live-the game and so on.So you have every right to camp,run and gun any style you choose as long as your not cheating,boosting etc.That guy was just man cause he wasnt quick to bad.its a game get over it.....When i get PMs i dont even bother listining unless i know the person because 9 out of 10 times its someone looking to have Clan try outs,infected matches,or rude remarks cause i dont have mad have fun and dont worry about what people say.And instead of turning your headset down,do what i do.When i join a match i mute everyone thats not on my team,so i dont get mad and distracted.

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