Concerning Vietnam DLC & The underrated TUK TUK!!!

I'd just like to say that the TUK TUK is the most underrated vehicle in the game. It has 3 wheels, holds 3 passengers in the rear (or up to 7 little people) & has a powerful horn to warn enemies of my impending arrival. There is nothing funner on hastings or phubaibai then to roll out my uber tuk tuk, start blasting on the horn and looking for some roadkills!!! If you've been the victim of my tuk tuk roadkill expertise, then whoaaaaaaaaaa is you!!! I'm getting some upgrades on it while I'm here at work, specifically bullet/mortar/shell proof glass, forward/rear rocket launchers, and a new cigarette lighter. Beware all!! Fuzzy's coming for ya!!!  


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....I like shooting the Ice Cream truck

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Huey > Tuk Tuk

Getting close to 2000 Huey kills :D


Huey > Tuk Tuk

Getting close to 2000 Huey kills :D

most underrated vehicle has to be the Truck, since you only get to use it on one map for a very limited time, try to get some road kills or a kill with it good luck.

It is pretty entertaining road killing people with it. I got my first kill with it today and I was wailing on the horn and smacked a guy into the ground haha.


Okay,  - insert hurtful words here-

see now you done went and edited your reply and decided not to be mean to me.....I actually prefer the abuse.

Your tuk-tuk is no match for my haji-huey