Concerning Free DLC with Hardened/Prestige Edition Codes.


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Im so sorry, for some reason it deleted what I wrote, so here it is.

Hi! This is my first time posting on the Xbox forums so please tell me if i'm posting this in the wrong section. :D

So I recently found out that TreyArch would be giving away their new Zombie map "Moon" for free, to players who have bought the Hardened/Prestige Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops.

Being afraid of missing out on this free content, I went to redownload the Classic zombie map pack from my download history.

The download goes to 1%, then immeidietly closes out and says " Can't download Classic Zombie Pack [EN]".

So I was wondering if anybody else has came across this problem, an if so, is there a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked your hard drive space? That seems like the most obvious problem to me. However, there's also the possibility that you downloaded the wrong map pack for your region, but since you've already downloaded it that seems unlikely.

Yes, I have 2.3 GB's remaining ( 20GB HDD ). I dont know why it's doing this, will try redownloading later today. Maybe it's because they are updating it to come with "Moon"?

i have problems downloading stuff if i havnt reset my xbox or connection in a awhile

I restarted my Xbox and it still gives me this error. Has anybody else tried redownloading it? If so was it succesful?

I've been getting this same error, they'll probably fix it EVENTUALLY.

Or maybe they won't and Activision will soak up $15 from anyone who wants to play Moon.

I think they are upadating it to come with Moon, on the website it says that buyers of Hardened/Prestige Edition can just redownload their Classic Map Pack to get it. Look like I'll just have to wait...