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Okay so recently I have been playing MW2 and my connection is usually a yellow bar at best, while on Black Ops I constantly have a good green bar connection. So first question is are these games running on the same servers or what? Could the reason for the bad connection be that there just aren't as many people playing on MW2? If I just had to put a couple extra bullets into someone I wouldn't be making this topic but when you fire a whole clip or start skating around side to side then it gets frustrating.

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your not alone is disliking blops I hated it from the first time I played it just not the same game I was used to.

I did two tests, on both my average DL was 3 and UL was .60 and my ping went from 111 to 57. Horrible!

What is your down and  up speed and ping? when you play are there any people using your internet? That could be part of the problem also yes there are less people playing Mw2 now than Blops if the host is on the other side of the country you will be getting a much worse connection.

I have no problem with connection in mw2.  I pull host a lot of the time.  Most of the room has full green, rarely are there yellow pingers.  17 down, 6 up, 15 ping.  I didn't enjoy black ops online (didn't make it to a full prestige)

My connection is pretty bad to begin with, but I don't see how I can have lag free games on Black Ops and then everything goes bad on MW2.

it's because black ops used the worst thing in history of gaming, lag compensation.  You just said that you have a bad connection and do fine on black ops but it's terrible on MW2.  It's because black ops used lag compensation which screws over people who pay for good internet and rewards those who use crap internet.  In black ops, the worse the internet you have (not 56K though), the better it will be for you.  That's the sole reason why I stopped playing this abortion of a game and will never, ever buy another game made by treyarch and I used to be a treyarch defender too.