Compulsive Liar achievement this weekend?

Hi guys,

As you know, this achievement is an absolute pain in the a.s.s to unlock... Actually, it's almost impossible to get without boosting, because you need to make sure that all the players remain at the table until the game is over.

So, here is the thing: I would like to organise a session this Saturday (12th), and I'm looking for 5 nice and serious players who want to smash that one.

Now, If you want to go for it, please, pretty please, read what follows carefully before adding your GT to the list:

The requirements:

- Have a mic (that's mandatory, otherwise there is no way we can communicate efficently)
- Be patient (we want to make sure that everyone gets the achievement, right?)
- Be available for at least one good hour (but two is more likely)

The strategy:

Please read this carefully. This achievement requires some coordination, so let's make sure we all know what we have to do before starting, it will save us some time.

1.The person going for the achievements has to make spot-on calls, so that every other player can lose one die each round.

2. Once the game has started, the person going for the achievement will ask each player at the table how many 1's they have. In the meantime, players will make small fake bets: 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, and so on.

3. The person going for the achievement will then communicate the exact number of 1's on the table (including his 1's) to the player right before him in the game rotation.

4. That player now has to bet the exact amount of 1's on the table when his turn comes.

5. The person going for the achievement will then declare the spot-on call and everyone but him, will lose one die.

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5, five times and voilà!

The list:

Here, you can add your GT and your availability. Please, also indicate your time zone. I'll send a FR request to the lucky ones, once we're full.

1. lll KURT lll (available Saturday 12th, from 10:00am (GMT))

Thank you for your time.


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Last call, guys!

I already have a few people up for it, but there are still a few spots available.

Trust me, you won't get that achievement legitimately, so think about it. :)

Alright. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a full group for that one this weekend...

I'm still looking for a bunch of motivated people who would like to get this achievement, though.

If you're interested, you can either reply to this thread or send me a FR request

Thanks :)

Try, thats where you can find people that want to do the same thing as you.