Compulsive Liar Achievement This Weekend If Needed

Looking to find some others that are needing the Compulsive Liar achievement and want to get together and knock this out this weekend.This is what the achievement is about

Compulsive Liar In a full Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, win without losing a single die


So if your looking for this send a FR and timezone and let me know it's for RDR so we can all be on the same time or make plans to be on at the same time and grab this.I myself am eastern time.Shouldn't take long to knock out and if there is any other achievements that require 4 or more and want to knock out as well i am all for helping just got to let me know what they are so we are all on the same page.Would be good to have mics as well.



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I've already sent messages to you guys, but i wanted to finally post and say I'm in for this.  I may be able to bring a few extras in as well.

nothing personal but we need mics for this achievement as it will make the progress faster for everyone so everyone can get it so we all know what we are working with.i don't care to help out but at the same time we all don't want to be here longer then it should take either because it will take some time for everyone to get this.Hopefully you can understand what i am saying and understand i am not being a @@@.

I'm in, i'm UK but i'm up at times that should fit with you, however my house mates are not, so i won't be using my mic.

Im in! Central time and i have a mic.