Complications downloading Battlefield: Bad Company in BFBC2 store.

Battlefield Bad Company just showed up in my BFBC2 store not too long ago.  I have tried downloading it multiple times now and I keep getting the same pop up.  I goes as..."There is a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace.  Please try again later.  Status Code: 800700E8"

Could some please help me understand why this download isnt working?  Thanks in advance.



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Ya use a credit card? Was it declined?

Also how big is your hard drive?

It is showing up as a free download.   At least that is the way it appears.  No mention of a price.

As of right now I have 74.4 GB free out of 120.

well then it's not the game your downloading if it says free.

Have you already payed for it and its just not downloading?There is no way it would be free!unless you are trying to download a trailer or kit or something?could be just a fault with it atm.

Nope, havent paid for it.  It's gotta be some kind of fluke or something.  It's not a huge deal to me.  I just saw that it didnt have a price and i was like, why not?  No biggie, thanks for all the responses though.

i was just about to purchase and download bfbc2 onto my second xbox to play with my nephew during the summer. Glad I saw at the last second that VIP access does NOT come with the download. I saved $15 going to Gamestop and getting a new copy.

EA. So retarded.