Complete NOOBS wanted

I am a complete NOOB. I am lucky if I get more than five kills. Quite often I get none. Anyone else suck big time at this game? Want to hook up so we can get murdered together?


Please send me a friends request and we'll all hook up...


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im pretty bad at gow 3, but if you want to play, im in:) hopaneng87 is the gamertag,

Yeah, im kinda in the same boat at the minute. I'm totally new to the gears games and still working my way through the campaign at the moment. I've played online a little but will be playing more once ive got the campaign done and dusted. I don't take gaming seriously and mostly play whilst relaxing with a beer so if anyone wants another player for horde, campaign, multiplayer or whatever send me a request.

Friends request sent Snotty Chunks.

As soon as i put in GOW3 i went 9-2 in my first game, maybe just a natural talent? :)

not my best game. im fairly bad or ok in it. i have my moments. anyone feel free to add me. looking for people to play gears with

i have reaa;y good games and then  totally awefull games, so hit me a FR

Cool - I've sent about eight requests! Mix of US and UK - should be fun!!!

just accepted your FR REQUEST

Yeah I'm up for it. Send me a request and I'll see you online

I am horrible at  this game sawed off shoty ruined it  i have been killed more times by it then anything else check  out my stats  .

Well, I hooked up with some people but although I've added loads of people to my friends list I still haven't played with more than one of you at a time - bizarre! I'm getting better. I'm playing King of the Hill which gives the game a focus so kills are easier to get. I'm only averaging about 7 kills a round but that is way better than before. I'm king of the assist! Let's go!!!