Competitive gamers from UK

Are you a competitive gamer that looks to win the game? But get sick of playing on you're own and get stuck with noobs on ya own team and struggle to win games?? If so give me a fries request. I'm a UK gamer that plays Domination and Headquarters. My KD is 2.7 but my win ratio is more impressive at 5.10 (we usually go on 50-100 game win streaks). I usually play in a squad of 6 but sometimes we don't always have 6 players online so we have space for more players to join us. We play for fun but at the same time we play to win. We are also team players that help each other out, by this I mean, everyone using spy planes, people taking down spy planes.....etc. May as also add, please don't add me if you are just a killwhore, we don't play so this means you must be prepared to capture HQ's and domination points rather than run away from them and go for kills (a lot of people do this) If this does interest you, then please send me a friend request my gamer tag is SWFC CHRIS cheers, chris

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