Competition is Stiff!

Just a little assurance to anyone having trouble with ranked matches; this game has intense competition.  Don't feel bad if you lose, because I lost 3 ranks (going on 4) in just two days.  I was a 12 and now I'm about to be an 8. 

I am ranked around 5,300 in the world and it seems even harder than it was a month ago.  People are getting good and I'm finding many more people are capable of playing well.  I feel like a scrub!  I was robbed so many times, down to the wire with a few hits left.  I have seen low ranks make huge comebacks and almost put me down.  Have you seen the top players?  They have thousands of wins!  Its all very incredible and I am glad KI came back to the scene with such potential and receptive community. 


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Agreed this game has some tough challenges and I find a lot of fights coming close to near end.

But I swear every battle is exciting! no matter how many times you fight!

3300+ Win Crew checking in!