Does anybody know if either of the games Enter the Matrix & Matrix the path of neo will work on the xbox 360??


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Better emulation would be great, don't think they're interested though. Silent hill 2 PAL just black screens though MS's list says it works, it completely doesnt. Lazy

When i purchased my 360 in 2007, it played ALL my old xbox games...and did for years...right up until i brought HALO anniversary and when i went to play it, it asked for a data update to allow the game to play...ok, sure, i just paid $100 for it, i WOULD like it to play...

No mention of any dashboard update, no mention of any compatibility downgrades...

So, after playing it for a while i switched games and put in Colin McRae 3 (old xbox game i'd played many times on the 360), this game is not supported...and, to my horror, i then found 11 titles (half of my game library) no longer worked in the console...

Oh, and my nice and simple 'Blades' dashboard had gone, replaced with some *** as ***, tween friendly avatar bullshit...seriously?

So, many calls to customer support, investigation on the internet, patch downloads, updates, nothing, no change!

So, i finally called up today and got 7 games to work (i had to log into xboxlive, never wanted to before)...and to do this i first had to open a new email account (cause i sure wouldn't give out my real email address and password) and spend 3 hours with customer support just to get the 7 back...

But, the other 4 are a no go and to add insult to injury, they inclide Driver 3 and Colin Mcrae 3, two of my favorite games!

Again, i resorted to the support and just got told again...sorry, nothing we can do...we reserve the right to remove support...can't be undone...

So, i pointed out that i didn't upgrade my console, THEY did; without my knowledge, and disabled functionality i had paid for...WTF!

Sorry all they can offer...

Well, im now sorry, but that destruction of property is illegal in MY country, so it's off to court to claim damages thank you very much...

@DannoMcK Hey good find. I didn't know they had done that, noted.  The Wiki site does indeed give more information, especially about known bugs, slow downs and graphical glitches.

The list came back on Microsoft's site fairly recently, but the Wikipedia page has a lot more detail.

Yeah the list can be found on Wiki and Microsoft stop doing the backwards Capability around almost two years ago I believe so what's on there is pretty much it.  Hope they would bring some games back like someone said about KOTOR man or give us a new one like ASAP that was an awesome game.

[quote user="bigpoppabear84"]

is there  a list of back games anywhere?[/quote]

There used to be on on, but since they've changed the site, the link is now gone.  The best place to check for compatibility is via Wikipedia.  This link should help you:

is there  a list of back games anywhere?

^^ The original Xbox version works on the 360...

i wish they made star wars jedi night jedi academy for the xbox 360


I sure wish I could have played my copy of Rally Sport Challenge 2 on the 360.

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