So i found out that followers can die, was a random woman who i had a fist fight with and asked her to follow me, she got damaged many times and knelt on 1 knee, i assumed they couldnt die, after about kneeling and almost dying like 5 times she finally died at the hand of a mini-boss in a cave, could finally loot her and get her plated steel armour, which happened to be better than the dwarven armour i recently had made.

Anyone know if lydia can actually die? Because shes appointed as your housecarl id assume she wouldn't die? Because shes more of a main companion than just some random person you asked to follow you.


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I watched giant bombs Skyrim quicklook, and they loaded an old save and went and killed Lydia (so yes she dies). The funny part is as soon as they left the house the courier came and gave them 300 gold coins as an inheritances from Lydia hahah.