Companions' Purity Quest and Glenmoril Witchheads glitch.


I have finished the Glory of the Dead quest.    I am trying to start the Purity quest and then the rest of the Companion's quests.      I was told I have to do miniquests and I have literally done 50+ miniquests from both Aela and Farkas.     How do I start this quest?

My other problem is Glenmoril Witchheads.  At some point in time, I got rid of them. I don't know where they are now either. I slaughtered all the witches and took all of the heads and now they're all gone.   What do I do? Do I need them to start Purity?     I want to get rid of being a vampire but now I can't and it's extremely annoying.  


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This is tedious :S

I just completed the quest to lop the heads of the witches.  Returned to the Companions Guild and got the quest completed.  Afterwards, the Companions stand in the same places over the Silver Hand bodies, and I can't start the next quest.  I assume the next quest is the one to collect all the crap.  Tried going back to a prior save and it did it again.  Looks like the quest is glitched/broken.  Not sure what to do about this or whether patches will fix the issue.  Can anybody explain what is supposed to happen after Vilkas says "we will go after them..."  Is another quest supposed to start?

Having the same problem as above...everytime I go and visit them they are outside as if the silver hand had just attacked.

might have to wait until othr quest s are completed..