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I just started the Companions quest line of Proving Honor.  I did this one earlier, but loaded a previous save because I couldn't find Mjoll anywhere.  I looked in every hold I'd been in recently but couldn't find her to save my life.  

Since I'm starting it again, I'm afraid that I'm gonna lose her again.  That's not necessarily a bad thing due to her incessant yammering, but she's carrying some damn good Ebony armor that I want back.  Will she reappear once I'm done with this quest or is she gone for good?


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Usually companions just walk back to the place where you got them from. I have had happen a few times. I also think while walking back home they can get killed im not sure on that though.

If you ever lose a companion you can always use the wait time thing and wait about 4 to 5 hours. After about that amount of time they should appear right beside you. If they dont then I guess they were killed.

find her, get your armor, and then kill her. you will thank me for this advice.

- Mjoll can't be killed.  Why, idk

- She'll eventually show up with Aerin either outdoors where the merchants are, or in the pub eating. Wait 3-4 days and check out those locations.

- If you have a companion other than Mjoll and you lose them and wonder if they are dead or not, try to hire another companion.  If they deny you, your companion is still alive.  

Yeah, I found her.  She was in Breezehome in Whiterun.  What in the hell she was doing there, I'll never know.  Thanks for the help, y'all.