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ok so i found Ede and got his as a companion, then i found Boone and picked up him, and i dont know WHEN it happened but i was lookin around for Ede to unload some stuff to his inventory, and they were both GONE... so i was like weird, and went to get Cass... and she says that i've already got too many people??  how do i fix this, and how can i collect ALL the companions??  do i have to put them somewhere special, and then go get a new one?  and how do i get the 2 i had back?


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You are going to have to find them or reload a save file from earlier. I normally keep 10 save files back to make sure.

Always pay attention to your companions. Its easy to tell if Ed-E is with you, you can always hear him. But you have to look to make sure the others are with you.

how do i go about finding them?  i only have 1 save file going...  do i have to go back to where i originaly found them?  or are they somewhere special...  

also how do i go about changing party members?  do i stash them somewhere?  

You need to back track and find them. Or they might just be gone.

And you should never have only 1 save file. This game if far too buggy. And save files can get corrupted. 10 save files at a time is my min. With save at major points in the game that I dont delete.

In order to change your party members you have to dismiss them by talking to them. And since you cant find are up s-creek with out a paddle at this point.

It would be nice if they would implement limited companion access from the pip boy.  Not inventory access as this would make it far too easy to use them as safe extra inventory space in hardcore, but access to the wait/follow me, melee/ranged, and dismissal features.

As for getting them all, you just have to get all of them to join you once.  You can immediately dismiss them if you like, they just have to have followed you at some point.

And MisterEFQ is right, you should never rely on a single save in this game.  The chances of ending up with a save that is either corrupt or is stuck with something important glitched is way too high.

Just bring up your pip-boy map and your companion's location should be noted on the map. If for some odd reason you travel to an area where companions aren't allowed inside (The Fort, Lucky 38, Silver Rush) then go back to that location and see if they are there.



The way you dismiss companions is simply toggle companion wheel, choose option to talk to 'em, then tell 'em you are heading on w/o 'em (with ED-E choose companion end protocol) from that point on they will return to location where you originally found 'em.