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So I know carver goes away after the first main mission, but if I give him rings and stuff like that when I get him back close to the end will he still have them?


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Yes. Well, he had the DLC rings etc I gave him (So did Bethany with my other Hawke).

Okay thats what I wanted to know, thanks. Cuz I remember the first time I let him keep a sword and he "lost" it.

Only accessories are kept iirc that is... I'm not 100% sure if that applies to 'normal' accessories though, as I only gave him and Bethany their respective DLC accessories and left them with their default weapons.

I killed Carver every chance I got. I just don't like Him at all!

I admit, I'm not that fond of him either... I prefer Bethany anyday, but to have a Mage class Hawke, have to have the musclebound twit along...

He don't have to stay around for long, Accidents happen. I just wish I could sic the dog on Him, or hire Zevran.

Or... get Oghren (From Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening) drunk and tell him that Carver said something about his beard... after all, Dwarves are sensitive about their beards lol.

Unless it is Varric... and I do believe if I Remember correct it is pronounced ... Ahhhh-Grin LOL He was great. Got to love someone that can drink You under the table while He is standing under it! Maybe I could get lucky and Get Anders and Carver to kill each other? I can never be that lucky.