Community PlayDate Denied *LONG READ* LOL

Where to start? Well I seen on the dashboard earlier this week that there was a scheduled Community PlayDate for Battlefield 3 with the "Elite Tweet Fleet" and thought well this could be cool, I haven't really done one of these (game with fame included) since the Frag Dolls had one for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Anyway So I went a head and and sent a friend request to the first gamertag on the list all the while thinking that chances of me getting a request through were astronomically low seeing as these things usually fill up pretty quickly. But low and behold I actually got through, with first gamertag on the list and all. I was like "ohh wow this is pretty awesome" and remained pretty excited the whole week about participating.

Then today finally came around and I kept a free schedule gaming wise (meaning I didn't commit to anything with my friends cause I didn't want to start a game with them and not have the ability to finish time wise). I kept my gaming light and didn't start anything that I wouldn't be able to back out of or finish later, then 8 o'clock rolled around and it was time to stay completely free so I could accept the invite when sent. During a moment of sending a message to one of my buddies I noticed that my "pending friend request" that had only moments ago been there was no longer there and so I figured it had been accept and I thought to myself "Alright! I'm about to get the invite" but after about 30 minutes of waiting it never came and so I checked my friends list to see what the "community playdate" gamertag was up to and realized that that moment that my request had never been accepted, it was flat out denied! I was like "ohh .. well dang lol"

I know a lot of requests are sent out and it ends up becoming quite a fiasco to get to everyone but even with that said I think it may have more to do with something in my Bio than it did with the chaotic mess it is to get to everyone on the list. I would assume that with the given 2 hours of play time (8 -10 pm est) that it would be a stretch to play with every person the list (or at the very least the majority) but possible, and if that's the case then it wouldn't make much sense to to just flat out deny someones request at the start of the time frame knowing that there's a possibility that that person may have a chance to participate. *sigh*

I'm a bit disappointed it's whatever though, I digress.

Long story short, I've learned my lesson. I won't bother trying to participate again.

That was time I could have spent playing with my buddies but was instead wasted waiting for something that never came.


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here is the short version.....

I don't think that would be the cause, it could be possible whoever you sent the request to denied it by mistake. It happens to the best of us, don't quit trying to participate you can always meet some really cool, new, unique people you didn't know played Xbox. The best thing to do is signup on the forums (if they have one) and post in a thread that is dedicated to the Community Playdate (there's normally one). I'm sorry to hear that you had been denied, but just remember keep your headup and try again another time! Not everyone will do that!

So many grammatical errors, my bad. I need to start proof reading before I post. =/