Community CoD: Ghosts Playdate

Hey there forum peeps!


So I notice this seems to be one of the more active Xbox One game sections and figured a playdate wouldn't go a miss in here. If any of you are up for some good games together then hit up a post:


9th February. 8 PM - 10 PM (GMT - 0)


It may seem like a little bit of a late time but I am from the UK so my hours are ahead of some of yours and I thought this time would be a good balance for most timezones. THIS link should convert the time for you and let you know what time it will start in your own time zones. If not, let me know :)


I'm not amazing at this game but I can hold my own. It would be awesome if some of you could make it and spend some time trading bullets. There's sure to be plenty of 'Xbox Record That' moments we can all laugh about down the lines.


Hope to see some of you there.


Many thanks,



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Sounds good to me, mate. I'm in CST, so, GMT -6, would be 2-4 pm our time, noon-2 PST, and 3-5 EST. I'm in! Not great at it, but good enough to have fun!


Im in.

Thanks guys :)


I will send you a friend request tonight.


Should be some good fun!

I may have difficulty getting online since I will be at a hotel using their connection, so just for the fyi. Hope to see use guise!

Any word on the re-schedule?

Sorry for the late response. Will get this rescheduled asap :)