Community Cartographers And YOU!

Not many forger know there are groups dedicated to helping members get their maps into matchmaking, and I'm here to tell you how to do just that. There are about 15 Cartographers currently active for the matchmaking team right now between 343i and Bungie, of course 343i will be handling the system after the switch. These cartographers are the stepping stones before ultimate enlightenment in Halo: Reach, the decide if the Matchmaking Engineer gets to see your creation or not.


Here is a step by step process to guide you to get a map into matchmaking.

  1. Find a community group with a Cartographer, (I suggest Satyros at, or Blueprint at
  2. Post your map, have a clean forum post that is easy to read and provides adequate screen-shots or videos of your map.
  3. Test with other members of that group as often as possible, (Make sure to add that groups community Gamer-tag for invites.)
  4. Learn to accept criticism and use it constructively to better your map. Criticism is the KEY.
  5. If you have what it takes, the cartographer will submit your map for further review by the Matchmaking team. (You may not always get it in.)
  6. If you've made it this far then congratulations.


These simple steps will help you find your way, but remember not everyone is a great map designer, it takes time, work and consistency to make it, and sometimes it's not for everyone. You have to be friendly, sociable and well known to have the best of chances. So get known with the big leagues and get their opinions, their help and their time. 


Before you say this would never work, it did for me. This month July 12th 2011, my map Eden Minor, will be going into Team Slayer and Arena. I had much help from WolfPackDragon, GodlyPerfection, Obi Wan Stevobi, and many others, and if a regular Joe like me can be successful I know you can too.


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