Communist? Join the H.S.S.R.! You'll be welcomed by fellow soviets :]

Feel like spreading revolutionary ideas throughout your friends and family but can't because we live in a corrupt capitalist world that is brainwashed by bureaucratic yellow journalism? Well now you can! Join the Harvackian Soviet Socialist Republic today! We're a pretty easy going group of people who are easy to get along with as long as your not a bumbling idiot :D And sadly there are a lot of people like that on Xbox LIVE! and also, do you like battlefield? If not then your a loser! We play battlefield all the time and are among the best and most organized clans! We've been around since BC1! So add me or send me a message or write on the forum or whatever you wanna do! But if you like communism, borscht, kalashnikovs, vodka, talking s**t about random things, and battlefield, Join us! :D 


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Commy go home!

lol silly blind capitalist!

Blind? Blind by what? Im sorry but I enjoy my freedom to much to give it up for a dictator.