Commendation Weapons

Just wondering - can you get the N7 weapons that we got from the Commendation pack in Spectre Packs now? Or can you just upgrade your one or something? It's just I got the SMG (Hurricane) and I really want to get another one because it's absolutely terrible. 



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They haven't mentioned whather we can or not.  If not, then I guess it'll be event rewards.  

Oh ok, thanks.

Nope. The N7 items aren't in the normal kits. The only way you'll be able to get them is through the events.

This is why I didn't care about the getting these weapons. I just like free stuff for playing a game I'm gonna play anyways.

The N7 weapons are just minor upgrades to other ones...the shotgun is essentially a lighter version of the Evisirator that also has a smaller capacity