Commando Skill Trees

I'm looking next to get my Commando to 50. My friend already has one that's 50. He went mostly left tree so his turrets has rocket pods, shields, and he has 2 of em. My question is: The middle tree which will grant me the Ranger (think that's the name of it, boosts all your stats) and the Nuke it worth it? I wanted to build a different one than him.


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I run a level 50 Commando, and if I am playing solo, or just looking to destroy stuff, I will absolutely build using the middle skills.  It can be devastating.  I still like to go down through the left tree to get the rockets.  That leaves me with 7 or 8 skill points I can use, and I tend to use them on stuff I get bonuses from the Legendary class mod for.  Usually 3 to Health, 3 to Shields, and 1 in the skill that lets me swap weapons faster.  For normal enemies, I am a force to be reckoned with.  Not a great build for taking out the raid bosses solo though.