Command Post

Does anyone know how to unlock it? Or what fortifications I need to modify to get it.


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turrets need to be leveled up first.

Can someone please clarify? I just went through and upgraded my turrets totally. The command center TV icon popped up along with my turrets, decoy, etc. during the 20 sec rebuild. But I can't find anywhere to go into the command center.

It's different on each map and base location. Just look around.

I forgot to buddy and I were on Sandbar. We had two bases unlocked (by the barge and the one to the left of it facing the barge) We looked everywhere. OleMissRebel, just let me know where you found one and what level so I can check it out please. Thanks

OK, I did find out some info on the command center. I just played an hours worth of Horde in Sandbar. First you have to have your turrets to Level 8 ($360,000 spent on them) to unlock Command Center. So in Sandbar for example, go all the way down to the water where the barge came ashore. Don't unlock that post. Facing the barge, look to your left and unlock that post. It will, in turn, have the command center inside the huge gunner hut. $1,000 to unlock it, $750 to repair it. By the way, you can have multiple command centers during any level. Hope this helps. All those one-line answers above me don't help.

level up turrets and most importantly buy the DLC pack (I got the season pass but its probably just the horde dlc you need)  it also enables to level up the silverback and decoys.

I spent ages with everything maxed wondering how to unlock the command post, throw some money at xbox live and viola!