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Hello all,

I haven't played a video game since may 17th and it was CoD. I love videogames but due to lifes daily issues (sucks being groan now lol) ive had to spend money on other things. Now I love gaming with a passion and I can't go to much longer without it and I want to get back into things theres a few games that I use to purchase every year, the maddens, the nba2ks and of course the multiplayer games online such as gears, halos, and the CoDs so im wondering should I start saving up to purchase the Xbox one? Gamestop has a great layaway program right now. Or should I go buy a cheap Xbox 360 and get back into the grove of things. Reguardless I miss my gaming, I miss having the social fun of the online play and everything to do with it.


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Next gen is fail I cant recommend anyone stepping over, stick with your 360.

Gaming is dying and we wont see a quality console or top game until after a huge crash.

When the length and breadth of your "Next Gen Experience" is the stuff you saw on Youtube then I guess Gocho is right.

The new stuff is awesome.  If you can afford the ONE then take advantage of the "Titanfall" offer.  It's a brilliant steal.

If money is an issue then seriously, get yourself an XBox 360 and start enjoying a back catalogue that would fill a room.

You can't go wrong.

Welcome back.

Next gen still needs time to get their stuff together. I'd say wait a few years and, after more software comes out for it, decide if an XB1 is worth it for you.