coming back to XBL

so as the title states im coming back to XBL. after not playing for quite awhile an my friends list is basically nothing im looking for people that like games in general not just  a COD type an only a COD player or anything im talking older games arcade games just friends in general  that like to talk about anythign an have a good time doing it so with that said not very in depth i know was wondering if anyone wants to play some gears 3 on the 3rd when i get my  360 might pick another game up also just looking for some good friends to play ome coop with/multiplayer




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send me an friends request if you wish i play allot of RPG's at moment. but also i play alot of online games such as COD and Halo 3.

Sure you can add me, I love to play co op games of any sort.  GT: Yuriprimecnc  But, I am GMT+1 Sweden Timezone. :(