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Finally, I got the achivement, I just miss a mission with a character but, thanks anyway. :D

Do you have all 4 intro movies yet? They only unlock as you get more Player Points. I think it's 60k that unlocks the 4th.

For me it was losing to Galactus, then you don't continue so you can view the Galactus ending.  As long as you got every other character's ending, you should be ok (i.e. that particular character is the one out when Galactus is downed)

Ok, thanks for answer but I finished arcade with everyone, I pass 1 to 3 mission with each character, and I lose Galactus. I have 99.66% in the gallery I want to know what I miss?

Yes, I have it. If you've added Jill and Shuma you have to get their endings, as well as losing to Galactus and not continuing to unlock everything. re-post the question if you have others. It didn't show up. ^_^