Come play Temdefender?

Send me a message Gt SmNx Prodigy and we can play together, why paly with me? I promise a win loss ratio of 10  for the time we play, I'm ranked pretty high.


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I play team defender all the time, I can hold my own. Add me if you wanna play any. My best match was a 4 on 2 handicap match where me and my partner took the win over the 4! Loved it

Becuase no matter how good you are if you come up against a full team (party up) by your self you can lose simply because they can hold the flag better. As in tips It's pretty hard to explain over a forum post.

Why do you need people to play if you are so good by yourself? Do you have any Temdefender tips for me?

Whats Temdefender? A spelling Bee? :)

i used to love TD in moshpit but sinc3e they got rid of it i haven't played it.  it's allright to play it now and then but playing it match after match is no good to me.

yeah it does suck if you are going solo

hey gooby paly temdefendr

no dolan

gooby pls