Come on you have the game answer some questions from others who don't!

A lot of people have the game now mainly US, but looking through the threads some of the questions people are asking and the responses almost seem cryptic or you just cant get a straight answer.

Come on guys we have all been waiting for this and just want a little honest opinion on the game, graphics, single player, MP and the rumours about glitches and other things going round.

So 1 rumour is that the disk still runs even when installed to the HD instead of stopping like other games is this true or not?

The game what is it like?

What Beta changes have happened or even still there?

Lets start all getting along, you have the game you know everything we ask or close to it.


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Graphics are good nothing to worry about.  Little screen taring not much.  Game is smooth did see one guy prone last night on a map and he was half way through the ground so that may need a little fixing but its not game breaking.  No disc runs for 3-5 minutes then stops (you will find this with all new xbox games so don't panic"  I experencied a little lag last night but damn the servers are working release so I wont complain.

Overall game is amazing and we should all eat our harsh words to dice (those of us that had them)

Thank you

I agree, could do with some details, I live in the UK and have to wait until Friday and with reviewers getting the game so late and then not being allowed not to review the game until the day one patch release, I am staring to worry that the console version is going to be a big letdown, kind of like a rubbish film license that gets released before it gets reviewed.

The two sites that have reviewed it on metacritic, hardly give it the score I was expecting.

Sounds good to me.

Right Barely scratched the SP campaign but the 15 minutes I played was just beautiful

Sorry Turv3y I didn't see your reply until I posted mine.

All good bros.  New sweet option on MP you can browse the server list 8-D

Yeah, dude. The campaign looked sick. I didn't complete BC2's campaign because it just felt so lacking.. The crazy antics of Haggard, Marlowe, Sweetwater and their CO just didn't live up to what BC1 built them up to be. It was like those days when you're at work and you and your co-workers are goofing off and acting up and everyone is having fun, and then the next day everyone is all quiet and being behaved because they got chewed out for yesterday.

I know it was in the beta, but also just want confirmation on the MP, players can drop in and out as the game is still running right, not like BC2 where half your team leaves and your screwed for the rest of the match.

As far as I know you can do that.  You have a list of servers you can choose from if you don't want to just hit quick match.  So you can join games in progress from that screen.

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