Come on Microsoft buy iron Galaxy

If is not microsoft buy iron galaxy maybe sony and if sony buy IG no season 2.

Please ms not make the same thing you have made with double helix.


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I have to imagine that MS had the chance to counter offer Amazon on the buying of DH. Assuming they did, they passed on DH for a reason. They originally wanted IG, IIRC, but went with DH because of their passion. IG wasn't able to start on KI because of obligations anyway. I think DH was just a springboard to get the game on the system then IG was going to take over eventually anyway. The buyout has been known since around the end of last year.

Honestly, I think they passed on buying DH because of their follow through. They made a great product but it isn't without consistent errors. Each patch has had at least 1 flaw in it usually many. Even to this day I'm dealing with something as simple as an achievement bug. I've never really seen this many issues from another company except for DICE as of late. They are a great company but they aren't right for the KI model.

I dont care about DH,

If ms want IG like you say why is not buy them,

I prety sure sony can buy IG :(

I'm sure MS has something in place to prevent another DH incident from happening. They don't want to replace a developer every season.

Sony's not buying IG, relax. Season 2 is coming, It's already been confirmed.

they made the fatal mistake by not funding DH while they were making this game so yea. MS u need to step up seriously and stop being greedy. u already scammed me of 40 bux after i bought the combo breaker pack then upgraded to ultra. thanks guys.