Come join my Battlefield 3 server! It is a DICE server. Details in the forum

So I know a lot of the Battlefield 3 rent-a-servers aren't all that much fun or they are just way to long, have admin abuse ect. My server is all DICE rules, 100% tickets, and a mixture of both DLC's that are currently out. The gametype is Close Quarters TDM and it is a blast. So if you have Battlefield 3 and on Xbox 360 search up the server name "Dark Hole Games". You will see the title "Dark Hole Games Official Server". I am usually in the server all the time so I hope to see you there :) Feel free to give feedback on the server.


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I would guess that most people here don't care that much for TDM.

Yeah I guess so lol. No one has given feedback so I assumed it was fine to keep it on TDM, but I may change it up a bit.