Combat Training Mode

I have to say I actually do LIKE the Combat Training mode.  For many reasons:

I have purchased ALL three of  the DLC map packs for Black Ops but never get a chance to play them in any of the online multiplayer matches.   They never come up maybe time one out of ever 30-40 games i try.     Unlike how WaW was just the opposite when i DO NOT have any of the addon maps for WaW, it was impossible to find any  games to get into  that was  for the stock maps ... so thats why i bought all three  MAP packs for Blackops so i can play more different levels online.   and yet it wont bring them up. JUST  only stock levels....  how ironic is that?!!  So playing Combat Mode at least lets me enjoy the DLC map packs i bought.. so it at least I am getting my moneys worth out of them!.


Anoher reason I like the  Combat Mode,  is that I can choose any MAP i want to play and practice that map  over and over again anytime i want  to get better at it.  Where as the multiplayer online you DO NOT get the choice of what level you want to play.  Hence the first reason WHY i like the combat training! (see above^^)



Combat mode also allows me to control HOW  many  characters on a team .  Where for example like NUKETOWN,  6 on 6 in a small level like that is total  MAYHEM.. dont get me wrong it IS STILL FUN  for that purpose.  But i think it is MORE  fun when your playing ONE on ONE (of course ONLINE with HUMANS not the bots). It is MORE strategic then being just total Mayhem!.... But the problem is no one wants to play one on one!   SO The combat mode is good for that purpose too!   OF course you can change skill levels of the BOTS but  thats still NOT like REAL people.. cause they are either REALLY BAD or TWO DARN GOOD where one shot from across the map kills you instantly hehehe SO it is a matter of WHO gets the first shot off  hehe!!  SO i know NO WIN situtation there hehe!


And Since Combat MODE is much easier to  get  higher ranks faster,  that  allows you to unlock ALL  the weapons and perks faster and practice with  them  and get the best  CLASS set you  are best comfortable with.  OF course  they do not  carry them stats over to the actual  Mutliplayer mode, but at least you know what to try to work for when you do play MP mode!



I hope they DO put the COMBAT TRAINING mode in the  MW3.  but i dont think they will as MW1 and MW2 doesnt have it.  So why would MW3?  Just cause BlackOps has it .. doesnt mean they will put it in the MW3!   It isnt the same series.  BlackOps isnt Modern Warefare!  heheh!  Sounds logical!  I still hope they do though as i already have it PREORDERED!!  :O)










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CT is just alright to me. I like setting it on recruit and 1v9.

I punish bots. to the max

I am always ready for some CT. I would not mind jumping in with any of you guys sometime.

It eases my rage as I can easily kill dumb bots over and over and over again.

I don't know about the bots being dumb lately Gameshoes. I've seen them dive over my nova gas and claymores recently. They even dived over a friend's rc car and survived (could have just been flak jacket).On the higher difficulty, they are VERY quick to target you.

But I set them to recruit for a reason.

Comp-stomping ftw.

Lately I've been doing my own small challenges to make myself better at the game. I like to run the smaller maps and only use secondary weapons and my knife to kill. And I've been practicing my sniping on larger maps. Combat training is a great mode to play when I start to get frustrated from normal online play. Can't blame anybody but myself if I am playing badly.

Just as a tip to anyone wanting to inflict maximum pain on the bots; they can't or have a really slow reaction to you being off the ground. Even if they see you they have a hard time targeting, but in most cases they will go right by you over and over again. I have racked up ridiculous killstreaks this way. Crouch or prone on an object that gets you off the ground, second story buildings don't count, they will see and get you. so a box, a vehicle that kind of thing.

I just hate it when the bots wall bang and aim at you when you're a mile away . . .

i hate that too Trase, but what i hate MOST is the small lag i get sometimes while playing!

i know it's on XBL but come on, i'm the HOST. why lag !?!

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