Combat Tactics - Weapons and Vigors

Discuss weapon and vigor combos that you find to be quite useful and fun to play.

So far in the game, I like playing the close quarters style of combat using the shotgun and melee.

I use the possession and Bucking Bronco powers.

I usually hit a enemy with possession, and while the targets are busy attacking the possessed, I flank them and I hit a couple of them with the bucking bronco to make them all float.(need upgrade to make whole group float) and then, with the Burning halo hat and deadly lungers pants, I melee one out of the floating group to close the distance instantly and usually set them on fire, and end it off with a shotgun blast.

It seems like the bronco has a combo with the burning halo as I noticed that when I do a lung melee on an target effected by bronco and they get set on fire, it sends out a couple of those fire grenades from the devil kiss and damage everyone around. 

After this combo, the whole group is usually dead or close to it, if the grenades go off.

I been hearing some nice things about this charge power. I don't have it yet, I can literally see it but can't get to it. My friend told me she plays exactly like a mass effect vanguard(which is my favorite play style in that game) so she uses charge to get in close with the shotgun and it recharges her shield at the same time. Sounds exactly like the mass effect vanguard. I kind of already do this with the deadly lungers pants that closes the distance, but it doesnt restore shields though.


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or you could use the handgun and pop heads after you charge. You could also add the Vampire clothing, which gives you health on the melee death of enemies and salts 40% of the time enemies die, chuck on the hat which makes enemies explode with the vigor that was used on them, if it was still affecting them when they die, mass murder!


If you use bronco, then charge, you will literally see your enemies fly, not as efficient as undertow, but useful none the less.

Nice most of that stuff you named are things I dont have access to at this point in the game. But when I do get them. I will keep an eye out for them.