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I'm posting this in hopes that someone would be able to shed some light on this. I just went in there and it seems to be basically the combat record from Black Ops where it shows your favorite weapon, the k/ds you had for the past 5 matches and what I believe to be your highest killstreak. Well mine says "Unstoppable 119" but I haven't ever gotten more than 70 kills in a match, let alone 119 without dying. I just reached prestige master and already had people calling me a booster because of that. While I know I can just ignore those people since I know I'm legit, I just worry I may get reset for nothing. So if someone could tell me if that section is 100% your highest killstreak that would be great. Hopefully it's just glitched out since it's a new feature.


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Did you ever play custom games with bots? That might have something to do with it if you did...

its shows how many kills you have gotten after the 30 killstreak every time you have gotten it.

get it now?

like in one game you had 37 kills with weapons ect without dying

in another game you had 43 without dying with a weapon ect

and in another you had 53 kills with out dying.

your record would show 43 unstoppables*

^^Not bad for recent games. Boosting maybe?

I was just making an example, i have no idea what his stats are. and i surely CBF checking some randoms previous games played.

^^Oh, OK.