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Hey dark knight players - I been doing the combat challenges but have only gotten 2 out of 3 each time. What moves generate the most points? Currently I try to be flawless andI use beat downs since it gives a lot of hit toward my hit combo, I use a few, not many quickfire but mostly use straight combo fighting/beat down/instant takedown (Y,B). any tips for higher scoring...thnx.


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The goal of course is to not be hit, do a single free flow combo.  As in Arkham Asylum this was my goal when I first started doing combat challenges and I would usually get one or two medals out of the 3.  But the really big bonuses come from using all the moves batman has in a single combo. For example if you do a strike (x), counter (y), stun (b), and evade (a) you will get a 4 move bonus (sorry forgot the actual name) for 500 points.  Add in a ground pound (RT + y)  it will kick up to 700, add a special take down (y +b) it will go to I think 1000. If you get a perfect free flow combo with all 12 moves it is 7000 points.  The more moves you use the bigger the bonus.  This is the key to getting those really high scores.  So if you managed a perfect free flow combo on each round (unlikely but just saying) you can tack on 28,000 point on top of your existing score.

Practice using all the moves and it will become second nature, and you'll get all the medals with some practice.  Remember it is quality not quantity, so a really high combo of strike, counter and evade isn't  as good a lower combo using all the moves. Also you get at more points for the harder moves with in your combo so that also helps you score go up. Also add in the gadget bonuses which don't give you a huge bonus but they help (batarang, explosive gel, freeze grenade and REC)

I haven't done many challenges in Arkham City I am still finishing up my riddlers trophies but this was my approach in Arkham Asylum and it is still true for Arkham City.  Good Luck.

Here is the list of all Batmans moves

Strike (X)

Evade (A)

Counter (Y)

Stun (B)

Ultra Stub (B, B, B)

Aerial Attack (B, A A)

Beat Down (B, X many times)

Ground takedown (RT + Y)

Special Takedown (Y +B)

Special Batswarm (X + A)

Special Multi takedwon (Y + A)

Special Disarm and Destroy (Y + A) [i think you have to destroy a weapon for it to count]

Batclaw Slam (LT + Y, X)

thanks man. I have all the moves but during the combo I can't remember which one I have already used and lose track. its frustrating as all hell when I get a 40-50hit combo and I am doing something and I get hit, aghrr I rage after that. the dudes with the shield or electric rod always mess me up. I am engaged and I see them about to attack and try to evade or stun but I get dealt with. DAMN! some of the challenges you need 60k, I barely break 30k. lots of work to do I guess.

Don't forget about the Disarm and Destroy special (Y + X, i typed it wrong up above my bad) it will break the shield or electric rod so they can't be picked up again.  This is one I use a lot in the beginning to clear our those guys, the body armor guys kill my combos more because I hit them on accident a lot when I mean to stun them.  Practice, practice and you'll find yourself learning from mistakes and doing the right thing will become the norm.  

/\/\ yes the armoured guys mess me up too a lot because as I move my combo I totally forget and hit them by accident.

I can't even beat the first combat challenge, I suck at combos! The best I've got is somewhere around 11000, and I just can't get any higher. I guess it's because I use the same moves over and over again, so I don't get that much variation points.

Holy mother of jesus Batman!!! After taking everyone's advise and practacing I have been able to get 3's on all the combat challenges. not so bad now. predator challenges...ahhh different story first couple are easy then its just chaos with dudes everywhere but at last, I have broken the wall down on combat challenges, with Batman only at this point. THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS/GALS WHO GAVE ADVISE! CHEERS!

@Billy Zane - thanks to you I was ablel to get my perfect freeflow acheeve, finally. Not so bad when you take your time and do it 30 times. LOL thanks bruh.

Glad to hear your were able to do it, Gears of war 3 was calling last night so I didn't work on Arkham City.  Google Batman Arkham City Predator Challenges look for ones posted by PowerPyx.  He has great videos that will show you have to do all the predator challenges if you get stuck.  Actually after watching videos the predator challenges are really easy, even the extreme ones.

@Billy Zane - GoW3...lemme know if u wanna run that bruh, I will jump on.

for Campaign challenges, do I have to enable the modifiers? I tried to do it last night and after I did the first of 3 it wouldnt jump to the combat challenge part. i didn't have any mods on.

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