Combat and stack problems

Is anyone else having problems responding to declare attackers/blockers or countering spells?  I often find myself furiously mashing X, but the game won't give me priority (or will give it to me too late). 


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Already did so.  It doesn't seem to affect your opponent's turn (i.e. holding priority on precombat main to tap down a dude) or responding to something going on the stack.

There is an option to hold priority in the settings. It's only useful on rare occasions (like 1 out of 8 games) but if you're competitive like me then I recommend turning it on. Hope this helps.

It won't stop like it does on MtGO. You're going to have to hit the X button at the last possible second. It's messed up I know. Pay attention to your opponent's main phase bar and hit it at the last second possible is my advice. Hope this helps... this time.