Comarisons of the 3 Rifles with Data

I had a friend and myself test the three rifles over a long period to get averaged data. Note, this is not testing headshot modifiers or anything. This is simply averaged data firing at the chest area.


  • Magazine: 20
  • 5 seconds of fire holding the trigger
  • 2.5 seconds of fire rapidly tapping the trigger/fast trigger
  • 8-9 shots to down with no active
  • 6-7 shots to down with active
  • 3 shots to kill downed enemy regardless of active or not
  • About 1.3 seconds for an active (note this is also the latest for fast reload)
  • 0.6 seconds for the earliest possible fast reload

What all this means. Heres the rate of fire, and how it factors into downing someone

  • Lowest possible rate of fire (assuming you aren't god awful at fast triggering ofcourse) is 4 shots per second
  • Highest, according to some (I admit I'm not the fastest trigger out there) is 10 shots per second, which is unloading a full clip in 2 seconds, in any case, I'm about 8 shots per second
  • It takes me (assuming all the shots are on target), about 1 second to down someone
  • With active its 0.8125 seconds

Noting this here. As you can't exactly factor this into data, real game situations are far different then just rapidly tapping the trigger. Hammerburst, being semi-auto, will vary on accuracy depending on how fast you pull the trigger, and pick your shots. Going the full 10 shots per second is wildly inaccurate.

Killing downed enemy, factor in the 3 shots

  • For me, at 8 sps, its 1.4375 seconds to effectively kill someone without active. 1.15 seconds for the 10 sps fast trigger. This equates to a 44% increase in my time to kill an enemy
  • With active, again for me, its 1.1875 seconds, 46% increase this time. Faster sps people will have a less % increase.

Regarding Clip Size

  • It takes up 42.5% of your mag to just down someone, 57.5% to kill someone (No active)
  • With active, its 32.5% to down, 47.5% to kill

edit: Adding other 2 later with more insights to all 3 of them. Need sleep right now. Holla if I made a mistake ;)


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I bet the retro lancer comes out on top.

Yeah I doubt it. People only cry about the retro lancer because it stands a chance against shotguns in close quarters. Pit it against rifles at medium range or shotguns at close range, it will lose 9/10 times.

I find it common for someone to take your kill with the HB because of the low clip size.  Sometimes you can down and kill someone with one clip, but more often with the HB than with either Lancer you have to reload after you down because of the smaller clip size.

Retro can sometimes beat Gnasher close range if the gnasher misses a shot.  There's no chance of missing with the Sawed off though.

8-9 shots no active to down? I feel like that is not right, I've downed people with MAYBE 6 no active before and Im plenty sure they had not taken damage.

OP you sure about the numbers. There is a lot that I disagree with.

Unfortunately I can't edit. I'll continue on. I will summarize all the info at the end. (For hammerburst, please see original post)


  • Magazine 60
  • 8 seconds of fire holding the trigger. Ofcourse you can semi-auto this gun, but who would?
  •  10 bullets to down someone without active
  • 8 shots to down with active
  • 4 shots to kill downed enemy
  • 0.84 seconds for active reload, this is the earliest you can fast reload
  • 1.3 seconds max for fast reload (Note reload with out hitting RB a second time is 2.3 seconds)


  • Rate of fire is 7.5 shots per second
  • With no active, its 1.33 seconds to down someone
  • With active, its 1.06 seconds to down

Downing, and figuring in killing said downed enemy

  • To kill its 1.86 seconds. No active
  • With active its 1.60 seconds

Clip Size

  • It only takes 16.6% of your clip to down someone, 23.3% to kill someone (no active)
  • With active its 13.3% to down, 20% to kill
  • Theoretically, you can kill 4 people in one mag if you have an accuracy of 93.2%, even more room to work with if you get one active.

Retro Lancer

  • Magazine 30
  • 4 seconds of fire holding the trigger (note massive recoil) We estimated its ~6 seconds of firing (that is quick trigger firing to achieve accuracy, not rate of fire in the hammerburst sense)
  • 7-8 shots to down without active
  • 5-6 shots to down with active
  • 2 shots to kill downed enemy
  • 1.4-1.5 seconds for active reload (Earliest fast possible reload for the weapon)
  • 1.8-1.9 seconds for the max amount of time you can achieve a fast reload
  • Active reloading is by far the hardest out of the three.

Downing and Rate of fire

  • 7.5 shots per second holding the trigger. For accurate firing its 5 shots per second
  • No active and holding the trigger its 1 second flat to down someone. For accuracy its 1.5 seconds to down
  • With active and holding the trigger its 0.73 seconds to down, accurate shooting its 1.1 seconds to down

Downing and Killing

  • 1.26 seconds to kill someone without active, accuracy times out to be 1.9 seconds to kill
  • With active its 1 second to kill, accuracy its 1.5 seconds to kill

Clip Size

  • 25% of my magazine to down someone, 31% of my mag to kill without active
  • With active its 18.3% to down someone, 25% to kill


Weapon                               Hammerburst                                    Lancer                               Retro Lancer

Magazine                                        20                                                   60                                               30

Sec of Fire                                     5 s                                                  8 s                                               4s

(HB/Retro Sec of Fire)                2-2.5 s                                          -------                                             6 s

Rate of fire                                    4 sps                                             7.5 sps                                    7.5 sps

(HB/Retro RoF*)                         8-10 sps                                       -------                                           5 sps

Shots to Down                              8.5                                                 10                                                 7.5

Seconds to Down*                      ~1 s                                                  1.33 s                                    ~1-1.5

Active shots to Down                    6.5                                                   8                                                5.5

A* Seconds to Down                  0.8125                                            1.06                                          0.73-1.1

Total shots to kill                          11.5                                                 14                                               9.5

Total shots Active Kill                    9.5                                                  12                                               7.5

% Mag to down                            42.5%                                              16.6%                                       25%

% Mag to kill                                 57.5%                                              23.3%                                       31%

A* % mag to down                      32.5%                                             13.3%                                       18.3%

A* %mag to kill                            47.5%                                              20%                                          25%

Here are the intangibles for the weapons. Stuff you might not even thing about.

-The lancer can achieve active reload the highest amount of times, it also has the lowest down time. Also, pushing B to keep the reload cycle going and effectively up your chances at an active during combat is higher, as the chainsaw rev takes considerably less time to finish than a full melee swing (Hammerburst/Retro)

-The weakest melee is the Hammerburst by far

-Accuracy for the Hammerburst is considerably more important than the other two, and being semi-auto, the lancer beats it out in every accuracy intangible.

-Hammerburst blind fire is the worst, as one would assume.

-Retro lancer depends heavily on range, unlike the other two. However if you pick your shots and learn to control the recoil, it can be effective at longer ranges.

Bottome line

  • The Retro Lancer is considerably powerful. At semi-close ranges this weapons wins. Blind fire on this weapon is the best of all three as well. Making firing and turning a lot easier. With a 30 round clip, and 7.5 shots to down, you have a good chance to down someone within its optimal range.
  • The Lancers main strengths are its magazine size and it's ability to deliver accurate shots. You have a ton of room for error
  • The Hammerburst is by far the weakest. To kill 2 people, you need full active reload 100% of the time, and accuracy at 95%. Not to mention you need to deliver those shots at a fast rate before they get into cover. Its quite a feat to kill two people without reloading for the hammerburst.

How I would change to balance out the issues

  1. Decrease Retro Lancer rate of fire slightly to 7 and decrease its accuracy while hip firing.
  2. Put active reload for the Lancer at the end or move it to the middle more. The magazine has always been 60 if I remember correctly, lower it to 50, or increase rate of fire and decrease damage.
  3. Hammerburst magazine should be 25. Killing downed enemy 2 shots. Better placed active reload.

I know, if you read earlier this is all chest area. You might have gotten a shot in the head or two. I'm going for consistent, averaged data, for the most probable shot you can hit some. ie the chest.

If you have a dispute, just elaborate and I'll see if I can clarify

So the best overall weapon to down and kill someone before they enter cover is the Lancer?

Skill aside. Yes, its the Lancer...granted you aren't in the optimal Retro Lancer range.

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