Colour blind option

Anyone know if this is in the game on multiplayer, or if it is needed


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I don't know what you mean by, "colour blind" option..I don't think I've ever seen that option in a game.

It's in MW3 but not in Battlefield 3 on consoles. I own both but can only play MW3 as the enemies colours when spotted on BF3 look the same to me as my squad colours, making it unplayable for me.

It was also an option in Black OPS

ive just got battlefield 3 and it has a colour blind option, so i can play online now and be able to tell who is who.

Yeah i think they added the colour blind option on the battlefield patch, not seen one for GR though but may of missed it.

Don't think it requires one as im sure it don't show enemy's names any way, im sure it just shows you your squad an team names.

Ones bright green (squad players your party)

an the dull green (team player)

Thanks for the heads up on BF3 guys. Just downloading the patch now. As for Ghost Recon, I just cannot get into it, as I find the 3rd person aspect annoying at times