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Hey guys was just wondering is there going to be a collectors edition for this Assassin Creed like there has been for the last two. I noticed only has the regular edition.


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I believe that the signature edition is the collectors edition when you pre-ordered the regular one it automatically upgrades you to the signature edition. I haven't heard any other editions. hope that answer you questioned.

Is that just at gamestop or is Amazon doing that two?

Just at gamestop

ok thanks guys. I just pre reserved my copy at Amazon and they are giving a free pair of 3-D glass with the game and an exstra outfit/ just to let you guys know to.

amor of brutus again? walmart offer

templar character for multiplayer? thats best buy

the uk got the animus edition. which comes with the assassin's creed encyclopedia. why do they always get the best one's I just saw that the uk with have the final fantasy crystal edition. If they get a better mass effect edition (haven't check yet) I will just be sad.

I have ordered the collectors edition. AND I CAN'T WAIT!

The collector's edition from GameStop you get a DeVinci's Flying Machine collectible with an Ezio that can fit onto/into it as well as the Signature Edition of the game.  Cannot wait for Midnight tonight!

With mine i got a soundtrack and 2 characters (The crusader and doctor) and also Ezios ultimate armour

do any of you guys know if gamestop on the US is gonna sell the signature edition later? like I dint preorder it but I want it, think they'll sell it at like 70 dlls later?