Collector's Edition - DLC ?

I got the Collector's Edition and was wondering if the DLC's come with it or do I still have to pay for them?

If so what are the best ones to get?

Thanks for your time.


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I can't answer the "collector's edition" question but as for which DLC to get, I actually got all of them when, I got the game.  I liked them all but Knothole Island sticks in my head.  I honestly liked F2 more than F3.  I never played F1.  We only got F2 for my wife but I got interested in it, considering I'm not into RPG games. 

OK. Is there away I can know if the DLC's were included in the collectors edition. Like a Task I can find or an achievement I can get to know. I guess I could try, but I just hate trying to get achievements I can't get. As you can tell for my Sig. 

Only the Game of the edition come's with the dlc. If you stand on the bridge in bowerstone market and look over the side and if you see a submarine on 1 side and a stall on the other then you have the dlc.

A submarine? don't think I got it.

Looking at a description of the game, it doesn'tmention any DLC.  And if the game box doesn't say anything about it, you probably don't have it.  To me, it was worth getting them all.

It says content download in red on the back. Is that it?

In case there is still confusion.

Collector's Edition did not come with any of the DLC you can purchase on the Xbox store. It came with Halo weapon and armor, as well as a dungeon in Bloodstone called The Hall Of The Dead. At the end of this dungeon is a legendary weapon, that of course, only those who bought Collector's Edition will get. The dungeon is located off the coast of Bloodstone, go to middle dock, look for a little whirlpool that signifies you can Dive loot, this is how you get in.

Knothole Island and See The Future are not a part of the CE, they are sold separately. I can only recommend both if you are a cheevo hunter, otherwise I am not the one to ask which of the 2 are better, as I kind of like them both.