Collector's edition guide...

Has anyone picked one of these up? I thought about it because I like to collect ME stuff. However, considering how little game content there actually is, the book looks like it is stuffed with filler (most places have an issue with you unwrapping them first so I can't verify.) Can anyone shed some light on if it is worth it at all?


I have the ME2 collector's guide but the cost wasn't nearly as bad and in my mind the game had more to it than 3 does.


Thanks in advance :)


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To be perfectly honest - there's not that much in it. Oddly enough (I have it right next to me) I found that it tends to avoid a lot of things that would almost be considered spoilers. It does give vague details about events but I guess it's impossible to account for every variable. About the only thing I find it useful for is knowing where to find things like armor pieces, weapons or when you'll meet an NPC (Or what happens in the scene if they died in either ME1 or ME2) or when a mission locks out or even opens up. It also gives you hints to consequences and it does have the MP maps and stats on all the weapons if your a number cruncher (which I'm not so it just becomes a quick reference over which ones have better rates of fire but aren't too heavy). It doesn't have planet guides but does tell you, more or less, where you can get all the war assets for the fetch quests. I liked reading the behind the scenes stuff but, honestly, there's nothing in it that would help you clear achievements or anything you don't end up having to find out in game because the book doesn't tell you. At least Fallout New Vegas and Fable III had some invaluable information. I've sold my Fallout New Vegas but I'm keeping the book, just in case (it's that valuable to me). If you get it, just get it as a collector of ME things and don't expect it to be an invaluable source of information.