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Is there a way to for the team not to die? I have all members loyal excluding the dlc of Kasumi Goto. I followed it to the barrier which I picked Miranda to do the force field but 1 team member got taken away. The guide said she would be a good pick to do it.


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Actually no... Miranda is NOT a viable option. Samara/Morinth or Jack for that section. Anyone else, even if loyal, will result in a fellow teammember being taken.



Vent: Legion, Tali or Kasumi

Leader of 2nd team: Garrus or Miranda

Biotic Bubble: Samara/Morinth or Jack

Lead Normandy crew: Mordin


As well as having three Normandy Upgrades, Tali's Shields, Garrus's Guns and Jacob's Armor. Having them Loyal as well, will also ensure all team survival.

An addition to that list would be Jacob as another one who can lead the second team.  I sometimes pick him if I want to use Miranda or Garrus elsewhere; or if he's not-loyal and I'm planning on killing him...

To lead the crew back, anyone loyal can do the job, though Mordin's the more popular choice since he's -the?- weakest teammate for defense.  I tend to pick either Tali or Jack (particularly if I'm romancing one of them) to keep them out of harm's way.  That way, I can use Mordin's incinerate during the end fight, since if he's loyal he won't die with me.

You also don't have to have Mordin be the crew escort. It's just convenient because when you are nearing the final battle, whether or not everyone survives at the rear guard will be dependent upon  how strong the defensive team is. Mordin is one of the weaker members, and if you don't leave enough strength at the rear guard, he will potentially die. If you'd rather have Kasumi, Tali, Jack, or someone else take the Normandy crew back, you can, so long as you don't send Garrus, Grunt and Zaeed. You will need their strength to bolster the defense of the rear guard.

When Shepard has to pick two of the team to go to the final battle, you must also not pick Garrus, Grunt, and Zaeed. Leave them behind at the rear guard, and everyone at the rear guard including Mordin will be fine. I've done this myself several times.

On the other hand, if you want to take Garrus, Grunt, or Zaeed with you to the final battle, then absolutely send Mordin back with the Normandy crew, because the total strength of the team left at the rear guard will probably not be enough for him to survive the battle.

I always take Mordin with me for the final battle as Incinerate is a great power against the Collectors.

I prefer Miranda's Heavy Warp over Incinerate myself... and having Tali with her Combat Drone helps to flush the Collectors out of cover.

The only one that would work for me was Tali, in the vent (She mentions being set on fire in Mass Effect 3). Legion was sucky for that for me, even with his upgrades. I agree with Garrus and Miranda Leading Both 1st and 2nd teams. And I always used Jack for the bubble, everyone else sucked, even Morinth (Plus Jack mentions the bubble in Mass Effect 3). And Mordin's a good choice, being the fact that If I bring him along farther he dies. haha.

I brought Garrus and Grunt before, they made it, even with the rear guard.