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I have purchased all the map drops and I keep getting a meesage on my screen while in the lobby that says, "searching for dlc is taking some time..."

I noticed that when i go to my storage that the overwatch map is missing but i can still play it when in MP. I have deleted and re-downloaded the map and have also tried deleting everything and re-downloading. This is the only map that does not save to my HD. Is their any way to fix this so that I don't get the message on my screen anymore?


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You can stop getting the message by disabling the DLC (Hitting 'back' button in matchmaking lobby) but then you won't be able to play on the DLC maps at all.

The reason that you get the message is because when you search for a match, you are searching for a certain lobby that has DLC enabled, so all of the maps cycle as normal but include the DLC. Because of this, EVERBODY that is in the lobby must own the DLC, and the reason that it takes longer than normal to find these lobbies is because not as many people actually have the DLC.

Also, you might find it quicker if you try to play in a popular playlist, like Team Deathmatch or Search and Destroy.

thanks for the info, but i still wonder why the map isn't saved on my HD

I'm not sure as to that one, you said that you downloaded it twice and your still having the issue?

Maybe clearing your system cache and then downloading again would be a good idea.

I know this might sound a little obvious, but do you have enough room on your HD for all of the DLC?

More than enough room. But ill try that to see what happens.