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I went through the game on nightmare before realising that some collectibles were one shot things...Went back through on at the end and am missing 1 recipe for the 100% complete..I know i need the Authority Augmenter Schematic...I had it on my nightmare play through but cant find it now. I hear you get it from lassard, but everytime i talk to him i dont get it...anyone know if im doing something wrong or did i have to talk to him at a certain time and missed it?


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I'm pretty sure you get it when you talk to him for the first time.

great that means i have to go through the entire game again.........

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great that means i have to go through the entire game again.........

[/quote] Unless you have a save file from before you go to subway town then yes you will have to replay it but at least it's an awesome game and you won't be to bored. I suggest you replay it on easy so you can just blaze through the game like it's nothing.

The game still takes 8 hours on easy....and honestly it was ok the first time through but the game is not that fun...they focused too much on the graphics and not enough on the gameplay...You are given basically every weapon in the first few minutes of the game making everything else kinda like o well...I would have liked to see more variety in the enemies and decent vehicle combat..and more vehicles along with a coop campaign play, just the coop would have made this game awesome to play.